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Garmin Striker 5CV Fishfinder

Garmin Striker 5CV Fishfinder

Ref: G15-0180700

The Garmin Striker 5CV GPS Fishfinder comes with a 5-inch screen and Clear View transducer included. Garmin Striker 4CV also has a Chirp transducer which provides a visibly higher level of clarity for fish and structures than the traditional 77/200 kHz transducers.

Instead of sending just 1 single frequency, the Chirp transducer sends a continuous sweep of frequencies ranging from low to high. Since the frequencies provide a wider range of information, Chirp sonar technology can create crisper fish arches with greater target separation.

Mark Spots with High-sensitivity GPS
Unlike regular fishfinders, Striker fishfinders have built-in, high-sensitivity GPS to locate your current position quickly and precisely, then maintain your GPS location anywhere you go on the lake. More importantly, they allow you to mark spots where the fish are biting so you can return to them again in the future. You also can mark docks, boat ramps and other locations on the lake. Just follow the path created on your screen to return to them whenever you wish.

You can quickly and easily see your boat’s speed on the screen of your Garmin Striker 4CV Fishfinder. It’s a great tool to make sure you are trolling at the right speed for the lure you’re using and for a particular fish species. It’s also a good way to tell if you are going the right speed in wake-controlled areas.

- Easy-to-use 5-inch color fishfinder with built-in, high-sensitivity GPS and Garmin Chirp DownVu scanning sonar
- Find fish; mark and return to hot spots, docks and ramps
- Includes Garmin GT20 transducer with Chirp (77/200 kHz); transmit power (500 W RMS)/(2,400 peak-to-peak) with 455/800 kHz Chirp DownVu (300 W power)
- Share waypoints and routes with other Striker or Echomap chartplotter combos

- Physical dimensions 7.4'' x 4.5'' x 2.1'' (18.8 x 11.6 x 5.4 cm)
- Display size, WxH 4.25'' x 2.55'' (10.8 x 6.5 cm); 5'' diag (12.7 cm)
- Display resolution, WxH 800 x 480 pixels
- Weight 430g
- Water rating IPX7
- Transmit power 500 W
- Maximum depth 1,100 ft saltwater*
- Water temperature log and graph, speed measurements included.

- Garmin Striker 5CV Fishfinder
- GT20-TM transducer
- Transom and trolling motor mounts
- Tilt/swivel mount
- Power cable
- Documentation

Price:369.00 / STG 321.03

(Including VAT)

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