Mooring Riser Kit w/ PE Rope & Dahnbuoy - 15-35ft Boats

€77.76 - €131.13


A mooring kit with 40" mooring buoy, PE rope, spliced line and shackles included and recommended for leisure boats under 15 foot. Does not include the bowline for attaching the boat to the mooring (see Polyrope Storm Ropes in mooring section) or the swivel.

Pre-made mooring risers in 4-strand polyethylene rope complete with dahnbuoy. Features hard eye on lower end with nylon thimble and soft eye on upper end for direct attachment to the boat. These assemblies are normally completed by adding the required length of riser chain and the use of suitable swivel in-between. 

- 16mm polyethelene rope
- 40" mooring buoy
- Plastic mooring ring
- Professional splice 

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