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Handi Holdall 100% Waterproof Roof Box

Handi Holdall 100% Waterproof Roof Box

Ref: 90154/2

The HandiHoldall can be attached in two ways to either 4-door or 2-door cars. It is much easier to fix to the car than a normal roof box and is extremely quick to install

Everything that you need to use the HandiHoldall is included. Once you have unpacked the HandiHoldall and its accessories, attaching the HandiHoldall to a HandiRack or metal roof bars will take just a few minutes. Unlike hard roof boxes, the HandiHoldall is very light, simple to use, making it easy for one person to manage the whole process and once stowed, the HandiHoldall is totally portable.
In Combination with Metal Roof Bars

If you already have metal roof bars on your car (those that are fitted across the roof and not the ones that run parallel down the sides) then you will be able to secure the HandiHoldall to these using the roof bar fitting kit which is included as part of the HandiHoldall. The roof bars must be spaced between 560mm - 780mm apart.

In Combination with a HandiRack

The HandiHoldall is designed to attach to a HandiRack which is a great solution if the car you are using has no roof bars. If you can fit a HandiRack to your car, then you will be able to use the HandiHoldall with it. The HandiHoldall is secured to the HandiRack by using the two 3 metre HandiStrap tie-downs that come as part of the HandiRack kit.

- Provides an additional 280 litres of storage space
- Very versatile - can be fitted to a HandiRack or metal roof bars
- Weather resistant
- No storage issues
- Light & totally portable
- Aerodynamically shaped for maximum fuel efficiency
- Storm flap provides additional weather protection
- Easy access as three sides of the HandiHoldall can be opened
- Quickly attached & removed from the car
- Grab handles make it easy to assemble
- Can be stowed in the boot of the car or in a cupboard

Price:115.00 / STG 100.05

(Including VAT)