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Perception Essence 17 Expedition Kayak

Perception Essence 17 Expedition Kayak

Ref: 92127

RRP: €1505.00 Special Offer: €1279.00

The Perception Essence 17 Expedition Kayak is perfect for people who want a dedicated touring sea kayak. The Essence comes with an in built seat and backrest adjustable to your size and comfort. The boat itself is made from a UV and impact resistant polymer ensuring a long life from your Perception Kayak.

The Essence 17 also comes with 2 main waterproof compartments and one small equipment hatch. Add a paddle and Perception Essence 17 spraydeck for a full sea kayaking package.

There's no room for boundaries when you're pushing the limits!

The thrill and experience of sea kayaking isn't just for experts... however if your expedition requires a map, then you're going to need the added speed, comfort and storage found in the Essence range.

A modern hull design incorporates a strong V-shaped bow and stern with defined chines to provide true directional stability and splendid edge control. Predictable handling, manoeuvrability and impressive forward speed gives paddlers all the performance needed for that great expedition. Good initial and secondary stability will allow you to take your sea touring experiences to new levels, whether you are an expert or developing your paddling skills.

No matter how far you're paddling or how extreme the conditions, a performance fit is essential in optimising paddler control. Our Zone EXP seating system found in the Essence series brings you expedition grade outfitting without compromising on comfort. Patented adjustable leg lifter support, padded thigh braces and a low profile backband are ergonomically designed for all day comfort. A day hatch gives access to a separate bulkhead compartment so you can keep track of those bits you need in easy reach, while the large bow and stern stowage compartments offer the space required for multi-day trips. For those who want to leave the safety of the shore, a recess on the bow will allow you to mount a compass to keep you on the right course. Deploy and fine tune the TruTrak skeg with our premium, wire driven system to lock in the tracking and maintain a heading in winds and currents. If you prefer using your feet to assist your direction, then our optional Tip-Toes controlled rudder can be fitted for adjusting your course without breaking stroke.

The Essence 17 has a touch more length and volume than the Essence 16. This gives more space and forgiveness for average to large paddlers and carries heavier loads without compromising on its handling abilities.

The Essence series is everything you need for that week-long, once in a lifetime trek or a more exciting day on the water that you only get with a design that's truly an extension of your body.

- 25cm Dual Density Bow Hatch / 20cm Midship Day Hatch / Oval Dual Density Stern Hatch
- Adjustable Pedal Footrests
- Compass Recess
- Bow and Stern Deck Rigging
- Retractable Carry Handles
- Bow, Midship and Stern Bulkheads
- Superlinear Polyethylene Shell
- Multi-Position Retractable Skeg
- Adjustable Padded Thigh Braces
- Zone EXP Seating System with Leg Lifters

Length: 518 cm / 17'0"
Width: 58 cm / 23"
Max Capacity:160 kg / 353 lbs
Deck Height: 37 cm / 15"
Weight: 28 kg / 62 lbs
Cockpit Length: 89 cm / 35"
Cockpit Width: 49 cm / 19"

Price:1,279.00 / STG 1,112.73

(Including VAT)

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