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Perception Scooter Comfort Kayak - Sorbet

Perception Scooter Comfort Kayak - Sorbet

Ref: 92100/sorbet

RRP: €615.00 Special Offer: €550

The Perception Scooter Kayak is by far our most popular boat! Designed as an all rounder that can cope with sea, river or lake mingling the wave breaking hull of a sea kayak with the size and handling of a smaller river kayak. The boat has a rounded V-shaped hull to improve paddling and control over your weight distribution while the upswept bow breaks through waves.

The Perception Scooter is also perfect for teaching young children how to kayak. It can hold up to a massive 150 kilograms (23.6 stone) meaning one child can ride on your lap with you in the normal position, moving normally, you can then easily guide children on how to paddle. It weighs only 20 kilograms so transportation is simple.

Perception hulls last longer because the Superlinear Polyethylene they use has exceptional levels of impact and abrasion resistance while still keeping excellent shape retention under sunlight or other environmental conditions.

Exceptional stability and user friendly handling mean you need look no further for a versatile kayak to suit fun seekers and families at the beach, lake or river. Paddlers of all abilities benefit from a smooth and predictable ride thanks to the ingenious hull design and even volume distribution. The perfectly combined tracking channels and defined skeg work in unison to offer both directional stability for exploring and manoeuvrability when surfing. More adventurous paddlers will appreciate the defined rail for carving turns on waves.

Comfort and control come courtesy of the mould-in seating area with moulded backrest and integral foot supports. A child can be accommodated with an adult in the specially designed seat area until they are old enough to get afloat alone.

Off the water the Scooter is manageable and easy to car-top thanks to the compact size and unique mould-in handling features.

Type: Recreational Sit On Kayak
User Guide: Beginner - Advanced
Water Type: Coast, Estuary, Touring River, Lake, Canal.
Colour: Sorbet

- Cockpit area has increased the footrest size for a more positive grip
- The paddle leash attachment is modified for dependable hold and easy retrofitting of our leash or any after-market leash
- The modified moulded in backrest can now take two flush mount rod holders and the front cockpit area is perfect for fixing a bait caster within easy reach
- A larger screw hatch can now be fitted in front of the seat or in place of the front deck hatch if desired.
- Wider self bailers have been installed
- Enlarged bow handles gives a more flexible grip even for large hands
- Includes waterbottle

Length: 295 cm
Width: 75 cm
Weight: 20 kg
Maximum load: 150 kg

Perception Scooter Sit-On
Kids Boats

Price:550.00 / STG 478.50

(Including VAT)

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