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Perception Triumph Angler Kayak

Perception Triumph Angler Kayak

Ref: 92108

The Triumph 13 is designed to provide the paddling performance of a sit-inside kayak without the loss of performance normally associated with sit-on-top kayaks

The hull design of the Triumph 13 has evolved from Perceptions touring line, making it faster and easier to paddle than most comparable models on the market. The Triumph 13’s length and upswept flared bow allows the kayak to cut through the chop whilst remaining stable. This bow shape also helps to deflect spray & combined with a slightly higher sitting position provides a much drier ride than it competitors. The Triumph 13 is the ideal choice for those looking to paddle longer distances or short distances with minimum effort. There is ample storage space thanks to a large rear storage well, front storage compartment & small centre hatch.

The Triumph 13 also includes Perceptions trademark moulded handles as well as front & rear carry toggles, making it easy to move the kayak around and car top. Other design features include moulded footrests, paddle keep, centre child seat & even a mug holder.

The standard Triumph 13 comes complete with Perception’s Comfort Backrest so you’ll know you’ll be comfy and well supported whilst on the water.

The Triumph 13 Angler includes all the features on the standard model with the performance, speed and agility to take you to the fish with all the additional accessories you need to help catch them. Additional Angler Model Features include: 3 x Flush Rod Holder – Two fitted behind the seat ideal for trolling & one fitted between the legs for easy access. 2 x Scotty mounts & a Bait Caster Rod Holder ideal for spinning. Rear screw hatch & adjustable pedal footrest for better comfort and improved control.

Triumph 13 - Features
- Moulded Side Carry Handles
- Front & Rear Moulded Handles
- Drain Bung
- Rear Storage Well with Cords
- Anchor Points for Optional Leg Straps
- Backrest with Seat Pad
- Centre Hatch with Bag
- Large Front Oval Hatch

Triumph 13 Angler - Features
- As Standard Model Plus:
- 2 x Rear Flush Rod Holders
- 1 x Centre Flush Rod Holder
- 2 x Scotty Flush Mounts
- 1 x Scotty Baitcaster Rod Holder
- Rear Screw Hatch
- Adjustable Footrests

Length Width Weight Capacity

Triumph 13 Angler 409cm 75cm 29kg 160kg

Price:889.00 / STG 773.43

(Including VAT)

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