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Titan Mix Sit-On Kayak Green/White (without braces)

Titan Mix Sit-On Kayak Green/White (without braces)

Ref: 92003

Was: €399.00 Now: €299.00

The Titan MIX - The Sit-On-Top Kayak that does it all! from Titan Kayaks on Vimeo.

The World’s first plastic Sit-On-Top to be developed around a high performance white water freestyle hull!

A fun boat that will suit a range paddlers from the most basic, through to the most professional ,looking for performance while at the same time have the safety and ease of a sit-on-top hull.

The Titan Mix is the worlds first plastic Sit-On-Top Kayak with a high performance white water freestyle hull.

Its compact, easily transportable and can be carried on your back through the thigh straps making this the most fun and surprisingly practical kayaks on the market!

The Titan Mix's high outer walls give the boat central volume while also providing extra control through the thigh straps creating a solid yet tactile feel to the boat when in use.

With this extra control the Titan Mix doesnt paddle like any normal Sit-On Kayak. The extra control lets you lift your edges to navigate rapids or carve and spin down waves.

The compact length and flat hulled bottom make the boat extremely easy to turn and handle even for small children, while remaining stable and forgiving even when on edge.

Not only is the Titan Mix Kayak easy to roll, but it's also capable of some of the most advanced freestyle moves, like airscrews and helixs. No matter what your skill level the Titan Mix is a good time.

The Sit-On-Top style means the Titan Mix is perfect for beginners allowing you to fall out of and get right back into the boat without training.

Made from a specially compounded HDPE the Titan Mix is resistant to UV damage, impact and scratch resistant.

Add the extra Thigh brace system and take the Mix to the next level!

- Advanced planing hull with secondary carving rails
- Draining divets drain water while surfing
- Raised siderails increases control and stability
- Drain plug to empty any collected water
- Wide high volume tail for stability and to make catching waves even easier
- Optional three point thigh braces to give even more control
- Flat mid section for standing or kneeling
- Hatch to hold all your goodies
- Heel and toe foot pods for more control whatever your size

Length: 184cm / 6 foot
Width 70cm / 27.5"
Height: 31cm / 12.2"
Weight: 13kg / 28.6
Max Weight: 25kg - 85kg

Price:399.00 / STG 347.13

(Including VAT)