Buying a lifejacket for a baby or child? Know what’s important – download our useful guide.

Guide to chosing a children's lifejacket

Finding a lifejacket for your child is not difficult but it is important to know how to choose the right jacket and what features you should look out for.  These days, there is a wide choice of designs for infants starting as young as just a few months old and here we list a few of our top tips, to help you make the right choice, giving you absolute confidence in your child’s safety on the water. Paying attention to comfort, fit, colour and style will make your child love wearing their lifejacket.  When we talk of children’s lifejackets, we are generally talking about the age of 2 months – 6 years, regardless of whether your child can swim a few strokes or not.  We must always assume that they can give no assistance in the water and therefore the lifejacket must totally support them and keep their airways clear.  For this purpose, you need to choose a jacket that is an approved and classified lifejacket and not a buoyancy aid.

Children’s Lifejacket Guide

Download this free guide to choosing a lifejacket for a baby or child.