Dagger Axiom 6.9 - Pro

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The Axiom 6.9 is designed specifically for younger paddlers. It is a scaled down version of the regular Axiom with great handling for young paddlers to gain white water skills.

Key Features:

  • Precision adjustable thigh braces
  • Adjustable backband
  • Security grab handles
  • Multi adjustable contoured hip pads
  • Keepers footbrace system

The Dagger Axiom 6.9 is a white water kayak for younger paddlers and small adults. Its scaled down design is lighter than the adult Axiom models making it easier for young paddlers to handle.

Its smaller size ensures that younger paddlers can be fitted to the correct size and use the seating system, thigh braces and footrests to their full potential.

The cockpit on the Dagger Axiom 6.9 is smaller than regular kayaks and requires a smaller spraydeck. We recommend using the Palm Sport R1.

The Pro outfitting uses an adjustable seat, hull stiffener and seat paddling.


  • LENGTH: 206 cm
  • WIDTH: 57 cm
  • COCKPIT WIDTH: 43 cm
  • DECK HEIGHT: 27 cm
  • BOAT WEIGHT: 11 kg
  • VOLUME: 148 L
  • PADDLER WEIGHT: 29 - 54 kg
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