Magma Marine Gas BBQ - 17"



Marine Barbeque - Party size. Magma "Marine Kettle" Gas Grill with Hinged Lid "Original Size" 17" (43.2 cm). Model A10-215CE-2 

A fantastic feature to add to any boat . Great cooking ,easy to use and very social. This model is designed specifically for use in countries requiring the CE mark, or in countries that use Camping Gaz propane/butane mix fuels in disposable canisters (CV470 or CV270). 

Order mounting hardware extra - Choose from Rail, Side, or Rod Holder Mounts.

This grill was designed for economy without sacrificing functionality. Made of 100% 18-9 mirror polished stainless steel, it will give you the safety, durability and performance required of a marine grill. It uses Magma' time-tested, highly efficient radiant plate heat distribution system in conjunction with convection heating technology to achieve hot, even temperatures while using a minimum of fuel. It comes to temperature very quickly and is great for searing steaks or just grilling up some burgers, hot dogs.

The patented swiveling turbo venturi tube allows you to adjust the control valve inboard, outboard, left or right wherever it is most convenient to you. This design uses standard, disposable, Camping Gaz (CV-470 or CV-270) Propane/Butane mix fuel canisters or will easily adapt to the boat's existing onboard low pressure Propane/Butane fuel system. The turbo venturi tube in combination with the newly designed burner virtually eliminates blow-outs. The grill quickly disassembles without tools for easy clean-up.

- 100% 18-9 mirror polished stainless steel. For long lasting beauty and superior corrosion resistance.
- Hinged Lid. Convenient balanced hinged lid will not slam shut. 
- Stay Cool handle with air cooled supports. - Newly designed, swiveling, windproof turbo venturi & control valve design. Virtually eliminates blow-outs. Places the fuel & valve where it is convenient to you. Allows safe & easy fuel changes.
- Burner & hi tech radiant plate heat distribution design. Less flare up, even heat distribution and longer grill life.
- Combination easy-to-clean grease catch pan/wind baffle. Keeps the wind gusts out while keeping the flames and grease in. 
- Magma’s patented design fully utilizes both radiant and convection cooking. Quickly comes to temperature then heats the entire grill surface evenly while using the least amount of fuel.
- Before lighting, the indexed bowl and lid may be rotated to act as a windshield in gusty wind conditions.
- Uses standard, disposable Camping Gaz Canisters (CV-470 or CV-270), Propane/Butane Mix, or adapts to on-board low pressure Propane/Butane mix fuel systems.
- Magma offers the largest selection of mounting options and accessories. To customize your grill to your boat

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