Meaco 25L Low Energy Dehumifier



Meaco's most energy efficient dehumidifier using less energy per litre than any other dehumidifier making it a viable alternative to a tumble dryer as well. The Meaco 25L is part of the Platinum Low Energy range for household use. Please note: this unit is also called the Meaco 25L dehumidryer.

The Meaco 25L dehumidifier has been designed to dry your clothes and it can do so faster and cheaper than any other dehumidifier thanks to its ground breaking DC Motor (no other domestic dehumidifier has this), large extraction rate, high air flow and energy efficient compressor.

For the first time ever you now have a viable option to a tumble dryer and if are worried about the cost of running a tumble dryer or do not have space for a tumble dryer then the Meaco 25L low energy dehumidryer is the sensible alternative. Leaving clothes to dry naturally indoors during winter will result in high levels of moisture in your home which will make your house feel colder, the air more expensive to heat and could result in mould growth and condensation.

At just 270 watts running costs this dehumidifier extracts water cheaper than any other 25 litre on the market and the beauty of a DC Motor is that the harder you work the dehumidifier the less energy it uses. As well as being great at drying laundry the 25L makes a sensible choice for anyone needing a dehumidifier for a larger home or a storage space. There are four modes to choose from;

- Humidistat Mode - choose your target relative humidity between 30 and 80%rh
- Laundry Mode - makes use of the 280m³/hour fan speed to dry your clothes
- Quiet mode - reduces the fan speed to low and turns off the bleeper
- Auto mode - regulates the compressor and fan speed depending on the room humidity to maintain a comfortable environment.

As well as the above the 25L features a child lock, an ioniser to help clean the air and auto-restart to remember it’s settings after a power cut.

Part of the exclusive Meaco Platinum Range the Meaco 25L Low Energy Dehumidifier is the most energy efficient compressor dehumidifier in the award winning Meaco range.

- The most viable alternative to the tumble dryer availableUses less energy per litre than any other dehumidifier in our range
- Unique DC Motor, the first of it's kind in Europe
- Part of the exclusive Platinum Low Energy Dehumidifiers
- Meaco 25L Dehumidifiers comes with a small drawer to hold water or you can connect a pipe (included with all Meaco Dehumidifiers) which will draw the water out into a sink or similar setup.



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