P&H Valkyrie MV Corelite X

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  • P&H Valkyrie MV Corelite X - Lava
  • P&H Valkyrie MV Corelite X Colour Swatches
€1,799.00 - €2,075.00


The P&H Valkyrie MV Corelite X in Lava is designed for speed - with a narrow, vertical bow to slice through water and a more engaged hull to counteract windage, this sea kayak also features ergonomic paddle entry cutaways and a low volume back deck to round out its high performance design.


  • Created for maximum Speed: slender hull with maximum waterline
  • Excellent initial stability: square cross-section hull under the paddler - also lends itself well to surfing.
  • Paddle Stroke Efficiency optimised: paddle entry cutaways just in front of the cockpit allow more vertical blade entry.
  • Highly rockered, cut-off stern efficiently releases surface tension, and is preceded by a pronounced rocker profile to loosen up the stern when turning between waves and providing lift during downwind surfing.
  • Easier access, especially when loading longer items: lightly-angled hatch rims towards the centre of the kayak
  • Highly adjustable outfitting: adjustable thigh grips, seat, backrest, and footrests allow the paddler to find a comfortable fit that's tailored to them.


  • Length: 540cm
  • Width: 54cm
  • Internal Cockpit Length: 90cm
  • Internal Cockpit Width: 48cm

Please see swatches for additional colour options - product pictured in colour Lava.

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