Sicor Nylon Plaited Rope 12mm



Sold per metre. Maximum line length is 220m, Breaking Strain 3800kg.

Sicor Nylon Plaited Mooring Lines are suitable for fishing, navigation and marine. These ropes are specially designed for high strength and lightweight applicatons, has excellent shock absorption characteristics which makes it ideal for the anchor line. Nylon multifilament provides a rope which offers an excellent quality and flexibility. 

Unlike the Nylon 3 Strand Rope, this Sicor Plaited Nylon cannot be untwisted making it perfect as a mooring line.

If you would like this mooring line to be spliced (cost 10 euros per splice) please contact us on +353 28 23190

- Anti-UV treatment for extar long life
- Non toxic to the environment
- Good abrasion resistance for moorings
- Excellent tensile strength
- Excellent shock absorption abilities
- Excellent resistance to rot and mold (rots from outside inwards so that you can monitor any potential decay)
- Good resistance to oil, gas and most chemicals
- Cannot be untwisted or undone like nylon 3 strand rope
- Construction: 8 Strands (4x2), Diameter: 12mm, Colour: White
- Plaited nylon rope for extra strength and durability perfect for moorings



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