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Trem Polyester Rope Black

€0.95 - €4.95


Trem Ppolyester rope in black is easy on your hands and strong enough to be used in a variety of place around your boat. Does not float.

Sold per metre.

Trem polyester rope is perfect as a mooring rope between your boat and the mooring riser. It's flexible, soft on the hands and easy to splice. It's also useful as a bannister rope because its soft on your hands and resistant to weather. 

Unlike nylon, polyester won't degrade in UV and remains supple and strong even when wet. 

Trem code Color ø mm. Reel Breaking load dan 

10mm - T5210000 Black 10mm 200m 1000kg 

12mm - T5212000 Black 12mm 200m 1500kg

14mm - T5214000 Black 14mm 100m 2700kg

16mm - T5216000 Black 16mm 100m 3000kg

18mm - T5218000 Black 18mm 100m 4200kg

20mm - T5220000 Black 20mm 100m 5000kg 

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