VE Aircore Creeker Whitewater Paddle - SML RH Cranked Carbon Shaft 197cm

  • VE Aircore Creeker Whitewater Paddle
  • VE Aircore Creeker Carbon Whitewater Paddle


The VE Aircore Creeker whitewater kayak paddle blade is designed to be a great all-round paddle that is smooth and well balanced.

With a narrower, mid-sized blade, tapering towards the neck; the Creeker has a gradual power transfer along the length of the stroke, ideal for long days on the river.

The blade's area is neutrally aligned either side of the dihedral with the area being well distributed along both the length and width of the blade. The cranked shaft is easier on the wrists and aids endurance 

This suits a wide range of kayak paddlers from beginners, to river runners, hardcore creek boaters and those paddling 'day in and day out' working in the kayak industry.


  • Shaft: 1 Piece Cranked Carbon
  • Shaft Diameter: Ø 30.6 mm
  • Weight: 851 g
  • Length Range: 197cm
  • Angle/Feather: Right Hand 30°/45°
  • Blade Surface Area: Small  650 cm²
  • Blade Length x Width: 485 mm x 189 mm
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