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Lofrans Project X2 Windlass 12v / 1000W / 8mm Gypsy

Lofrans Project X2 Windlass 12v / 1000W / 8mm Gypsy

Ref: LOFRANS473213

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Lofrans Project X2 Windlass 1000w 12v low profile chrome on brass with stainless steel gypsy. Other variations to order.

Chain Gypsies available as standard calibrated to 8mm & 10mm DIN766.

The "X" vertical windlasses are suitable for sail and motor boats from 6m to 27m in length. They have different motorization attributes according to each model. The Project versions have a built-in control box within the motor casing.

The X range, as standard, comes in mirror polished marine bronze produced by hot forging. For model X2 there is the INOX version in mirror polished AISI 316L stainless steel. Stainless steel is used to produce the top part of the windlass, being the most exposed on the vessel so that it can withstand marine corrosion

The standard features that you can meet in every X series windlass are:

- Watertight stainless steel ball bearing in the base (for better functionality and zero maintenance) which is a unique feature in the windlass market.
- The clutch is made by two conical discs connected to the main shaft by two parallel planes on the shaft, in order to avoid using keys and allocate the weight load properly.
- The electric motor and gearbox are connected by a particular coupling that is made by a socket for easier maintenance.
- There is a sensor in the base and a magnet into the gipsy so they can be connected to a chain counter.
- Manual override so that the chain or rope can be recovered manually in case of electric function failure.

- Watertight st. steel ball bearings in the base
- Manual chain release
- Manual override
- Chain counter pre-setting as standard
- Motor IP-rating 66 (12/24V)
- Anodised marine aluminium gearbox
- DIN 766 8mm Gypsy

Lofrans X2 Windlass

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- Dual direction solenoid pack
- Handle
- 8mm Gypsy for DIN766 chain
- Instruction manual
- 3 Year Warranty

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