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RJ45 Network Cable & Fittings

RJ45 Network Cable & Fittings

Garmin Marine Network cables are constructed very differently from standard Ethernet cables. A summary of the differences are provided below


Garmin Marine RJ 45 Network cable

Standards Ethernet Cable

External ground

Internal ground

Crossover wiring

Parallel Wiring

Shielded cable

No Shielding

IPX7 Water resistant

Non Water resistant

Built in Drain Wire

Crossover cables allow similar devices to speak to one another. (Garmin units)

The Garmin Marine Network cable uses the same Tx/Rx pairs for data transmission and also utilizes the unused pins (4, 5, 7 & 8) for power control of the various devices on the network

Also to link multiple GMS 10’s to create a wider network


BI_DA+ : Transmit Positive BI_DB+ : Receive Positive

A Standard Ethernet cable uses pins 1, 2, 3 & 6 for network data, using one pair for Tx and the other for Rx as shown in the diagrams above. The remaining pins are unused

BI_DA- :Transmit Negative BI_DB- : Receive Negative


Even though a Standard Ethernet cable can be used on the GPSMAP 4000 series and newer we only recommend using Garmin Marine Network cables.



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