MGDuff Beneteau Zinc Propellor Anode CMAN250 50mm

Salt water


This MGDuff Beneteau Zinc Shaft Nut Propellor Anode CMAN250 is suitable for protecting your propellor in saltwater environments. We also recommend shaft anodes as well as beneteau anodes for maximum protection of the shaft components.

The MgDuff Prop Nut Anode 50mm has a tapered fit with an internal key to suit the boss of a propeller assembly.

Model CMAN250
Diameter ID: 50mm (1.97")
Shaft Size 50mm


1. Choose your material:
- Zinc for saltwater boats
- Aluminium for saltwater or brackish waters
- Magnesium for fresh water
2. Select Style and Model:
- Bolt-on hull anodes come with 8" or 9" hole centres (You have to buy the studs or bolts separately) weld-on requires the anode to be welded in place (usually commercial vessels)
- There are different models of anode depending on where you put it. Shaft and beneteau anodes protect the drive shaft and stern tube. Hull anodes can be placed anywhere depending on where you want to protect and pencil/engine anodes tend to be specially designed for each brand and model engine. Button or disc anodes are designed to protect rudder / trim tabs.

*For more information on placement or engine anodes please contact us on 00353 28 23190.

**With regard to steel boats, it is vital that special attention is paid to areas around the water line. These are particularly vulnerable but receive no protection from anodes above the water line.

***All MGDuff anodes will suit wood, GRP or steel hulls. For aluminium hull anodes please contact one of our branches.


High spec MGDuff Zinc Anodes for leisure and commercial vessels.
Iron: FE 0.005 Max
Cadmium: Cd 0.025-0.07
Copper: Cu 0.005 Max
Aluminium: Al 0.10-0.50
Lead: Pb 0.006 Max
Others Total: 0.10 Max
Zinc: Remainder
Potential Ag/AgCl -1.05v 780


Total Price: €19.74 / STG £17.57  (Including VAT)
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