Ewincher 2 Electric Winch Handle

  • Ewincher2 Electric Winch Handle
  • Ewincher 2 Electric Winch 10 inch handle


Ewincher 2, the second generation of the world’s first electric winch handle.

Ewincher2 is a power-assisted winch handle that takes the strain and hard work out of winching. It's designed to easily assist sail control manoeuvres, without altering your natural positions and movements and it increases your winching power and speed with very limited effort.

After 2 years of research and development, Ewincher has introduced the Ewincher 2 equipped with an advanced new motor, especially designed for Ewincher. This new motor increases the handle's overall performance by 20%, with more power, torque, autonomy and speed.

What Ewincher gives you 

450w of electric energy combined with a 90nm torque

Quick Guide Features

  • Lockable on the winch: as soon as you set up Ewincher on a winch, the handle is secure
  • Ewincher is resistant to sea-splash, sea-salt and rain : Rated to IPX6
  • Dedicated winch handle storage pocket  This accessory enables the Ewincher to be safely stowed and ready for immediate use
  • Ewincher can easily trim a 160m2 spinnaker in 15 knots of wind.
  • Adjustable torque
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • 110 -230v AC or 12v DC charging
  • Security strap 
  • Mobile phone App

How much can I expect from a fully charged battery ?

Example of use on a 40 feet sailboat with a 15 knots wind:

  • Hoist 3 times the main sail
  • Tack 40 times
  • Charging time: 1h30in 12V and 220V

Increased Speed

It is difficult for a crew member to constantly winch at 60 rpm, even with moderate rope tension (and so the force exerted on the handle remains under 8/10 kg). As soon as the tension increases, it becomes very difficult to maintain the same pace.
The EWINCHER electric mode has a speed range from 0 to 100 rpm, no matter the rope tension. Not only is EWINCHER faster than a crew member, but above all, it does not slow down when rope tension increases.. 
Ewincher hoists the mainsail in 65 seconds on a 45-footer (Oceanis 45).

Better Endurance


Let's consider a crew member in excellent physical condition. They will be able to produce a maximal energy ratio of 200W over 30 seconds by winching constantly; then, they will not produce as much energy. They will slow down and feel fatigue.
The major difference with Ewincher is that it continuously produces 230W of useful energy, always at full speed This makes it undeniably more enduring.

More Power 


Grinding means physically exerting rotation force on the handle. This effort is very demanding for the human body. Our arms are much more efficient when used for less complex efforts. For example, it is much easier to resist against a force while remaining static, than to exert the equivalent rotation force.
That is why, a very strong crew member finds it difficult to winch with full rotation when the effort to exert on the handle is over 25 kg. On the other hand, Ewincher's maximal torque is over 90 Nm, which is equivalent to a force of more than 36 kg on the handle. Ewincher can easily trim a 160m2 spinnaker in 15 knots of wind.

Whats in the pack

Everything you need in the pack


  • Ewincher electric winch handle 
  • Ewincher Battery lithium Battery
  • Battery charger 110 -230v
  • Converter 12v
  • Winch handle pocket
  • Protective carry case
  • Safety hand strap

Dimensions -Lightweight and compact




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