Water Heaters / Calorifiers

Water Heaters / Calorifiers

Quality range of stainless steel, marine grade water heaters or calorifiers, as they are often called, from Isotemp. All Isotemp Water Heaters feature a thermo mixing valve which protects against scalding water and helps maintain the hot water efficiency and conservation.

So which Model Water Heater or Calorifier should I choose?

SPA - This is our first choice for sizes up 40 Ltr – Most economical with all the performance of the other models

BASIC - Choose this for sizes above 40 ltr, for spaces with more width and less length and for when you prefer a satin,stainless steel outer finish

BASIC Slim & Slim SQUARE - Choose this for special locations and narrower spaces

BASIC Twin - Use for either double heat (i.e. twin engines) source or double heat output (i.e. Radiators & Hot Water)