MG Duff Zinc Galvion Element G1050 (1.05" x .75")



MG Duff Zinc Galvion Element G1050 for general use and specifically for internal engine and cooler protection.

Galvion anode elements come with male threads so that they can be connected up to increase their size or effectiveness. The bottom of the galvion anode has a female thread which you can connect the next anode.

Sold 1 per pack. All galvion anodes come with the same diameter thread so you can connect up different sizes if you desire.

- Dimensions: 1.05" x 0.75"
- Thread: 6mm


High spec MGDuff Zinc Anodes for leisure and commercial vessels.
Iron: FE 0.005 Max
Cadmium: Cd 0.025-0.07
Copper: Cu 0.005 Max
Aluminium: Al 0.10-0.50
Lead: Pb 0.006 Max
Others Total: 0.10 Max
Zinc: Remainder
Potential Ag/AgCl -1.05v 780

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