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MGDuff Mercury Mercruiser Bravo 1 Zinc Engine Anode Kit CMBRAVO1KITZ

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MGDuff Martyr Zinc Anode Kit for Mercury Mercruiser Bravo 1 engines. Serial numbers 0B664190 - 0F729999. Mercury Part Number: 888757A 1, 888758A 1 for use in salt water boats. 

Contains: CM762145Z (76214-5) x 1, CM806188Z x 1, CM821630C2Z x 1, CM806190Z x 2, fixing bolts.

High spec MGDuff Zinc Anodes for leisure and commercial vessels.

Iron: FE 0.005 Max
Cadmium: Cd 0.025-0.07
Copper: Cu 0.005 Max
Aluminium: Al 0.10-0.50
Lead: Pb 0.006 Max
Others Total: 0.10 Max
Zinc: Remainder
Potential Ag/AgCl -1.05v 780

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