Polyform Mooring Buoy - 75" Dia



The Polyform Mooring Buoy come with 75" diameter, swivel and a solid short mooring rod in hot dipped galvanization. Polyform CCE/CCD series. Suitable for max mooring load of 58kg once full inflated including chain and shackles.

The Polyform inflatable mooring buoys are offered with either a short mooring rod (CCE-type mooring buoy) or a long mooring rod (CCD-type mooring buoy). The mooring buoys are fully assembled by the factory and only need correct inflation before use. The rods include a swivel at the lower end and all parts are hot dipped galvanized. 


Diameter (max recomended): 540 mm
Total length of steel rod: 855 mm
Rod diameter: 19 mm
Weight (nominal): 8,8Kg
Valve type: V10
Gross volume: 100L



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