HandiRack Inflatable Roof Rack



The Handirack Infltable Roof Rack is the ultimate mode of transportation for anything larger than a suitcase! The inflatable bars fit on top of the roof while the straps go through the door and roof to securely hold your items in place. You then attach whatever you want by means of two straps and buckles to the inflatable bars.

The Handi-rack Kayak Rack can transport anything up to 80kg making it very useful for carrying sports equipment, small boats and dinghies and kayaks! The entire thing then deflates and fits in a bag for easy storage and max convenience. These roof bars have been extremely popular in Ireland and the UK for small boats such as optimists and inflatable tenders. The Handi-rack comes with a hand pump, 2 fixing straps and 2 inflatable roof rack bars. 

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