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Baltic Breeze 165N Inflatable Lifejacket - Auto Red



The Baltic Breeze is a good quality, general purpose inflatable life jacket that will suit most inshore and coastal boating requirements. Manufactured by the well known and trusted lifejacket brand Baltic of Sweden, the Breeze is a clean, simple design with a flexible feel that is comfortable to wear. Providing 165N of buoyancy, the Baltic Breeze is approved for people 40-150kg 


  • Automatic inflation
  • Colour Red
  • Large snap waist belt buckle
  • Durable outer fabric
  • Detachable crotch strap
  • Whistle.
  • 165N load-bearing capacity
  • Fitted with Cylinder Retainer

Cylinder Retainer Bracket & Strap

All Baltic Breeze Lifejackets are fitted with the innovative and Swedish Consumer Council required, Cylinder Retaining Bracket & Strap, which prevents the CO2 cylinder from coming loose.


Full service is recommended every 12 months by a Baltic approved service facility. It is also recommended that all wearers study the instructions enclosed with the lifejacket to understand the basic every day checks to ensure your lifejacket is in perfect working order before use. 

Re-arming Spares

  • 33grm Squat Cylinder
  • UM Auto Head
  • Re-arming Kit (Cylinder & Auto Head)
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