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Galvanized Anchor / Mooring Chain - Grade 30 Short link

€5.95 - €50.00



  • High quality calibrated chain of European manufacture
  • Hot dipped galvanized
  • Perfect as mooring or anchor chain

European Standard DIN766

German Institute for Standardization -  DIN766 for calibrated and tested chains using Grade 3 material standard which covers anchor chains for small crafts

Sold per meter. You will be able to select number of meters (quantity) in your shopping cart.

Please Note: Prices on shipping may have to be re-calculated as this item cannot be shipped by standard courier in large quantities.

6mm: Grade: DIN766
Length across link: 20mm
Length up vertical across link: 30mm
Max Shackle Size: 8mm
Max Mooring Shackle Size: 0.5T Green Pin Shackle

8mm: Grade: DIN766
Length across link: 26.5mm
Length up vertical across link: 40mm
Max Shackle Size: 10mm
Max Mooring Shackle Size: 1.0T Green Pin Shackle

10mm: Grade: DIN766
Length across link: 32mm
Length up vertical across link: 48mm
Max Shackle Size: 12mm
Max Mooring Shackle Size: 1.5T Green Pin Shackle

12mm: Grade: DIN766
Length across link: 41.5mm
Length up vertical across link: 58.5mm
Max Shackle Size: 16mm
Max Mooring Shackle Size: 2.0T Green Pin Shackle

16mm: Grade: DIN766
Length across link: 54mm
Length up vertical across link: 75mm
Max Shackle Size: 19mm
Max Mooring Shackle Size: 4.75T Green Pin Shackle

19mm: Grade: DIN766
Length across link: 70mm
Length up vertical across link: 108mm
Max Shackle Size: 22mm
Max Mooring Shackle Size: 6.5T Green Pin Shackle

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