Galvanized Mooring Chain

€3.80 - €36.90


High quality calibrated chain of European manufacture. Hot dipped galvanized. Perfect as mooring or anchor chain.

Sold per meter. You will be able to select number of meters (quantity) in your shopping cart.

Please Note: Prices on shipping may have to be re-calculated as this item cannot be shipped by standard courier in large quantities.

6mm: Grade: DIN766
Length across link: 20mm
Length up vertical across link: 30mm
Max Shackle Size: 8mm
Max Mooring Shackle Size: 0.5T Green Pin Shackle

8mm: Grade: DIN766
Length across link: 26.5mm
Length up vertical across link: 40mm
Max Shackle Size: 10mm
Max Mooring Shackle Size: 1.0T Green Pin Shackle

10mm: Grade: DIN766
Length across link: 32mm
Length up vertical across link: 48mm
Max Shackle Size: 12mm
Max Mooring Shackle Size: 1.5T Green Pin Shackle

12mm: Grade: DIN766
Length across link: 41.5mm
Length up vertical across link: 58.5mm
Max Shackle Size: 16mm
Max Mooring Shackle Size: 2.0T Green Pin Shackle

16mm: Grade: DIN766
Length across link: 54mm
Length up vertical across link: 75mm
Max Shackle Size: 19mm
Max Mooring Shackle Size: 4.75T Green Pin Shackle

19mm: Grade: DIN766
Length across link: 70mm
Length up vertical across link: 108mm
Max Shackle Size: 22mm
Max Mooring Shackle Size: 6.5T Green Pin Shackle

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