Sowester Folding Anchor Kit with Rope, Chain & Shackles

€59.95 - €139.95


Sowester Galvanised Folding Boat Anchor inc Rope, Chain & Shackles -  Spliced together and ready to go. These anchor kits are perfect as an emergency anchor and popular with small boats and RIBs up to 7mtr


  • Rope material: High quaity 3 strand nylon mooring rope with good stretch charachter to prevent snatch
  • Chain: Galvanised short link chain -EU manufactered to DIN766
  • Folding anchor: 4 pronged galvanized for sandy or rocky sea beds. Comes with prong retainer to fold up neatly when not in use.
  • Comes with hard spliced eye (includes plastic thimble) supplied by one of our trained technicians.
  • Chain to anchor connecting shackle

Available sizes

2.5kg: Chain length = 6mm x 1m; Rope Length: 10mm x 20m

3.5kg: Chain length = 8mm x 1m; Rope Length: 10mm x 25m

4.5kg: Chain length = 8mm x 1.5m; Rope Length: 10mm x 30m

5.5kg: Chain length = 8mm x 2m; Rope Length: 12mm x 30m

8.5kg: Chain length = 8mm x 2.5m; Rope Length: 12mm x 30m





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