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°hf Plan Sea Towline - 15 m

  • °hf Plan Sea
  • °hf Plan Sea
  • °hf Plan Sea
  • °hf Plan Sea
  • °hf Plan Sea


Rescue tow line for sea kayak and touring paddlers

The °hf Plan Sea is a compact towline with lots of innovative details.
The tow line comes with 15m floating rope with shock absorber, high end karabiner and karabiner flotation, waist belt with quick release buckle and a stainless steel D-ring.

The unique feature of the Plan Sea is a little neoprene pouch on the waistbelt to store the karabiner. This pouch allows for super quick deployment and quicker rescues.
The stainless steel D-ring fixed to the waist belt offers the experienced kayaker multiple towing options and rescue scenarios.

The bag of the Plan Sea can be packed to a very compact little package. Opened and rolled up it transforms into a work surface to sort out and tidy up the rope and other equipment after the rescue. The bag itself is big enough to hold more than just the rope so that other equipment can be stored away safely as well.


  • 15 m floating rope (5 mm diameter)
  • rope bag with extra room for additional equipment
  • stainless steel D-Ring
  • High-End Karabiner
  • closed cell foam karabiner flotation
  • neopren pouch on waist belt for karabiner
  • robust but leightweight material with drainage panel
  • Waist belt with cam release buckle and high visibility pull bead
  • removable shock absorber


  • Rope length: 15m
  • Rope Breaking load: 390 daN
  • Height:  7cm
  • Width: 25cm
  • Weight: 500g
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