MeacoDry Arete® One 20L Dehumidifier / Air Purifier

  • MeacoDry Arete® One 20L Dehumidifier / Air Purifier
  • MeacoDry Arete® One 20L Dehumidifier / Air Purifier - bedroom
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Brand new for 2021, the MeacoDry Arete® One is Meaco's best combined dehumidifier and air purifier ever, and is the perfect solution to dealing with condensation, mould and damp problems either in the home, in a garage, on a boat or in a caravan. This is the 20L model.

  • Winner of the T3 Platinum Award 2021 (#1 position) 
  • Winner of Expert Reviews ‘Dehumidifier of the Year’ 2021
  • QuietMark certified (QM is an independent global programme certifying the quietest products)
  • Designed with input from over 2000 customers
  • Optimised for your life and European weather
  • Hybrid between dehumidifier and air purifier
  • More water collection, less energy used, less noise made
  • Night Mode
  • Easy water management
  • Can be used with a garden hose
  • Purer than ever - 75% bigger and better quality H13 HEPA filter
  • Simple one touch controls - dry your laundry with the press of a button
  • The only Meaco range to come with a free 5 year warranty!
  • Meaco's best dehumidifier range ever

Meaco Arete One dehumidifier uses

A new dawn for dehumidifiers

The new Arete range of dehumidifiers is the result of five years of development by Meaco's design team, using feedback from more than 2000 customers who contributed to the design process.

Arete is the Greek Goddess of Excellence in all things and, with this range of dehumidifiers, this is exactly what they have achieved. The attention to detail has been exhaustive as we perfected every interaction between the user and the dehumidifier.

The end result is Meaco's quietest, most energy efficient dehumidifier range yet, with a host of special features to make living with Arete a pleasure. Arete is the perfect solution to dealing with condensation, mould and damp problems either in the home, in a garage, on a boat or in a caravan.

"If you are looking for a dehumidifier that'll do the hard work for you, the Arete One would be an excellent choice. You don't need to learn about extraction rates or figure out a complicated control panel. You literally just press a button and leave it to work." Tech Advisor Tried and Tested

An appliance or part of your home?

Customers tell Meaco that they never put their dehumidifiers away. In fact, they stay in the same area of the home all the time. So they have designed Arete to be stylish so that it looks great wherever you put it. It sits flush to the wall, has hidden castors and an air purification mode means you can use it all year round too. 

Dehumidifiers should be seen and not heard

Meaco discovered that lots of people site their dehumidifier close to the bedroom. So it became obvious that noise is a very important factor. The huge success of the Meaco ABC range of very quiet dehumidifiers proved how important it is to you that your unit is quiet. Could Arete be made any quieter without compromising some other important design ideals? It took 18 months of testing to produce the quietest large dehumidifiers we have ever made. At 40dB this dehumidifier is twice as quiet as the industry standard.

Removing clutter and confusion

The control panel on Arete One has simple and clearly laid out controls. The buttons that you use most often are larger; the buttons that you hardly ever use are small. Large buttons include controls for Smart Humidity Control and Smart Laundry either of which can be set by pressing just one button.

A Night Mode that really lets you sleep

On many devices when you select a night mode or a sleep mode they leave a light on to indicate that it is in the mode or they forget to turn off the bleeps so a press of a button is accompanied by an annoying noise. Not on Arete. select Night Mode and every light is turned off; the fan speed drops to the quiet low mode and there will be no bleeps. You can check the humidity levels in Night Mode quickly and quietly. And even better, little-ones’ fingers won’t accidentally take you out of this quiet mode because it takes two confirming touches to change the machine back to normal.

We feel that the Night Mode is not just for night time but anytime when you want the dehumidifier to be as quiet as possible.

It is all in the flow

Emptying the water tank is the most common action that dehumidifier owners need to do. So it was important to make sure that Arete’s large 4.8 litre tank was easy to access and empty.

Meaco looked at how customers removed tanks, where they put their fingers and how they balanced the tank. That heavily influenced Arete’s design, which has two very large slots left and right of the machine that your fingers naturally drop into. This allows perfect purchase on the tank so you can pull it out smoothly, and place it on the floor so you can lift it by the integrated handle.

And there’s a simple but clever solution for pouring out the water. With Arete there are two spouts: one to the left and one to the right. So you can pour the water away without having to juggle or twist the tank. 

And continuous drainage...

Meaco has not included a free hose in our dehumidifiers for a few years now because more than 90% of users told us that they do not use them, so they just end up in landfill.  The aim is to reduce plastic waste, so Meaco changed the way they do things.  

To make things easier, Arete comes with a hose adapter to allow you to use a standard garden hose for continuous drainage if you need it.  This reduces plastic waste and gives you the flexibility to use the unit in the best way for you.

Clean, clean air

All Arete One dehumidifiers come with a medical grade H13 HEPA filter which is 75% larger than the filter on our popular Low Energy models. It can be used to clean the air during dehumidification and as a stand-alone air purifier throughout the spring and summer months.

Meaco's best dehumidifier ever by far

For Meaco, the most important thing about Arete is that is has been designed by collaboration with customers. They listened and learned, and all of that new knowledge is in the details that make Arete so special.

We think Arete is the best dehumidifier range we have ever produced. 


Technical Overview of the 20L Model

Compressor or Desiccant?




Dimensions (HWD)

618 x 366 x 272 mm


R290 / 65g

Noise Level

38 and 40dB(A)

Power Supply

220-240V, 50Hz

Power Consumption at 20°C and 60%rh

216 watts

Approximate Electricity Cost

3.3p / hour based on 15.32p / kWh

Operating Temperatures

5°C - 35°C

Filter Type

Washable dust filter and optional HEPA filter

Tank Size

4.8 litres

Variable Humidistat

Between 40%rh and 70%rh

Air Flow

Low fan speed: 145m³/hour
High fan speed: 160m³/hour

Digital Display


Fan Speeds


Laundry Mode


Auto Restart


Child Lock


Continuous Drainage Option

Yes - comes with an adapter to fit the standard garden hose

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Warranty Information

The only Meaco range to come with a free 5 year warranty.
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