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NRS Ripple Kayak Paddle

  • NRS Ripple Kayak Paddle
  • NRS Ripple Kayak Paddle
  • NRS Ripple Kayak Paddle
  • NRS Ripple Kayak Paddle
  • NRS Ripple Kayak Paddle
  • NRS Ripple Kayak Paddle


The NRS Ripple is one tough and economical kayak paddle. Burly ABS plastic blade and lightweight fiberglass shaft for a comfortable swing weight and long term durability.

  • Asymmetrical fiberglass-reinforced ABS blade efficiently transfers power, limits blade flutter, and is practically indestructible.
  • Fiberglass shaft for lightweight durability and easy paddle control.
  • Take-apart design with three-position ferrule can be set at 0 or 45-degree feather, left- or right-hand control.

Specifications & Tips

  • Blade Material: High-density ABS and fiberglass
  • Blade Size: 18 cm W x 43 cm L (7.25" W x 17" L)
  • Blade Surface Area: 632 sq cm / 98 sq in
  • Blade Shape: Asymmetrical
  • Shaft Diameter: 1.27"
  • Shaft Material: Fiberglass
  • Shaft Shape: Straight
  • Feather: 0 or 45 degree
  • Breakdown: Yes - 2 pieces pieces
  • Control: Right or left hand
  • Weight: 220 is 38 oz (1077 g)
  • Application:Touring - high angle
  • Features:Medium-sized blades are good for beginners or intermediates
    Fiberglass-reinforced ABS blades are lightweight and durable
    Flexible fiberglass shaft is two-piece and can be set at 0 or 45-degree feather
  • Care and maintenance: Adjustable ferrules are built with fine tolerances for a precise fit. Sand, silt or salt left inside the ferrule will interfere with adjustability. After each use, take the paddle apart and thoroughly rinse the ferrule with warm water. Dry before reassembling.
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