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Palm Enduro Spraydeck

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A new look, updated for modern cockpit shapes. Durable and reliable, the Enduro is our all-round whitewater deck, with a knee-off strap for an easy exit from your boat. The Supratex rim section resists wear, whilst the sticky Gripsil print underneath grips your cockpit for a dry seal. The seamless O-ring seal at the waist helps keep the deck in place with or without a twin seal jacket.


  • 9.5 mm elastic shock cord double sewn
  • 38 mm webbing release loop
  • O-ring seal waist
  • Supratex reinforced rim
  • attachment clip
  • glued and blindstitched seams
  • knee off strap
  • sticky Gripsil on cockpit lining
  • taped seams


701 g (R4 - XS/S), 737 g (R4 - M/L), 781 g (R4 - XL/XXL), 708 g (R5 - XS/S), 714 g (R5 - M/L), 718 g (R5 - XL/XXL)

4 mm CR neoprene

 Sizing Guide


 Waist Size

Neoprene spraydeck sizes

    Common name Cockpit circumference (cm) Cockpit length (cm) Cockpit width (cm) Examples
R2   Extra small 177 – 192 66 – 75 40 – 44 Dagger Axiom 6.9
R3   Small 192 – 207 75 – 83 44 – 47 Slalom kayaks and some older sea kayaks
R4   Keyhole 207 – 217 83 – 89 47 – 50 Dagger whitewater kayaks and some sea kayaks
R5   Bigdeck 217 – 227 89 – 95 50 – 53 Dagger Katana; Pyranha, Waka, Zet or Spade whitewater kayaks; and most sea kayaks
R6   Super big 227 – 237 95 – 101 53 – 56 Dagger Axis E

Waist size

    Waist (cm)
XXS   64 – 72
XS/S   72 – 80
M/L   80 – 96
XL/XXL   96 – 112
adjustable   60 – 127


Measure the circumference of your kayak by running a tape measure or piece of string around the cockpit of your kayak under the lip of the cockpit.
Measure the length of your cockpit from the longest point of the outside of the cockpit rim from bow to stern.
Measure the width of your cockpit from the widest point of the outside of the cockpit rim.
Measure the waist circumference at the smallest part of your waist. Neoprene waist tubes are stretchy, so you might want to choose a smaller size to help keep water out if you are paddling without a jacket, or a slightly larger size if you are wearing lots of thick warm layers.
Cockpit sizes
You may want to choose a deck size larger than suggested here, especially if you kayak sits at the upper end of the recommended size. Different kayak brands have different styles of cockpit. Wide short cockpits may fit the same size of spraydeck as a long narrow cockpit. Use the largest dimension to determine which spraydeck to purchase. Or better yet, visit one of our dealers and try before you buy.
Fitting your spraydeck
Check out our guide to putting on your spraydeck here. Make sure the release strap is outside the cockpit and easily accessible. Practice removing your spraydeck and getting out of your boat in a controlled situation so that you are able to remove the deck easily, even when upside down.
A tight fit
The easiest spraydeck to put on might not stay on the best or keep the most water out. Which is most important to you?
A simple shock cord neoprene deck (like the Sport deck) will stretch more easily and be easier to put on than a reinforced deck (like the Orbit) that has a rand and panels of KNytex, Gripsil or other protective materials. A neoprene spraydeck can be easier to put on when it's wet, try wetting the neoprene to allow more stretch. If your neoprene spraydeck is hard to put on when your first buy it, get a friend to help you put it over the cockpit of a kayak and leave it for a few days to help with the stretch. Over time, a neoprene spraydeck will stretch with use, becoming easier to put on your cockpit.
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