Palm Ocean Pro Towline - 10m



The Palm 10m Ocean Pro is a heavy duty towline for use at sea. Towlines are used to tow tired or injured paddlers to a point of safety. The Ocean pro features a 10 metre 8mm floating rope tow with shock reduction built in for smooth towing.

Metal rings allow various lengths of tows, the Ocean pro can be used full length (if towing in breaking or big waves), or shorter lengths in calmer conditions

- One waist size
- 10 m rope
- 10 m of removable 6 mm polypropylene floating line
- Cordura 500D top opening towline pouch
- Floating foam waist belt with Fixlock quick-release buckle
- Shock-absorber
- Reflective detail
- D-ring attachment points for rigging short tows
- Seadog noncorrosive plastic clip 

Fabric: Cordura 550D pocket with shaped floating foam belt
Colours: Mango/Yellow/Black

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