Polymarine Inflatable Boat Repair Kit (2 Part) - PVC



The Polymarine boat repair kit is an easy to use inflatable boat repair kit for use with PVC dinghies.  


Solvent based polyurethane adhesive giving excellent adhesion to both plasticised and unplasticised PVC
Used in conjunction with A3695B curing agent will bond a wide variety of surfaces including PVC, nylon fabric, polyurethane fabric and foam 
Use for repair of all PVC inflatables including Zodiac/Bombard "Dynalon" and "Strongon" fabrics and Narwhal/Valiant "Hypertex" 
Easy to mix two part supplied in sets with requisite amount of curing agent 
Can be used as a single part for quick temporary repairs 
Easy to apply by brush, roller or serrated trowel; contact bonds in 10-15 minutes, full cure 48 hours 
Shelf life - 24 months unopened tin; mixed adhesive has pot life of 3-4 hours 
Coverage. using 2 coats 1 litre bonds 1 square metre

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