Talamex Trailer Winch - Galvanized - 1400lb/635kg



Talamex trailer winches come in various designs and sizes in order for each type of boat and trailer to provide the right trailer winch. The Talamex trailer winches are: strong, easy to use and easy to maintain.

1 Reinforced base ensures good operation without friction
2 Reinforced winch handle hood for heavy load
3 Gears from one part
4 Comfortable hand grip 

  • Solid gear construction
  • Internally lubricated drum and pinion gear bushings
  • Molded and smoothly rotating handle
  • Formed reinforcements in frame for added strength
  • Gear ratio: 3/1 for the 270kg, 
  • Galvanised / Zinc Plates
  • 1400lb/635kg capacity

WT-73-10 4:1 450kg 8 m wire 5 mm

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