Trem Sail Double Braid Rope 8mm

  • Trem Sail Line Red and White
  • Trem Sail Rope 8mm
  • Trem Sail Line Blue and White
  • Trem Sail Line Black and White


The Trem Sail Double Braid Rope 8mm is perfect for halyards, mainsheets, genoa sheets, spinnaker sheets for either cruisers or dinghy boats. Comes with a double braided polyester core with a braided outer.

Polyester braided rope can also be used as painter, mooring or dock lines however polyester tends to deteriorate less predictably than 3 strand nylon so consider this when using for this purpose. The benefit of polyester is that it takes up less space and has a greater breaking strain for it's size.


  • 8mm diameter
  • High breaking strain: 1200kg
  • Floats in water
  • UV resistant
  • Non-stretch rope
  • Can be used as a sailing sheets, docklines or throw overboard lines.
  • 100% Polyester braid on braid.
  • Max length per coil: 150m
  • Treated for saltwater marine environments
  • Double braided: Braided outer core covering a plaited braid core or polyester.


Trem Sail Dinghy Sheet Specs


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