Wema Fuel & Water Tank Sender S5 (5 bolt) 50cm 0-190ohm EU



High quality, stainless steel Wema fuel and water tank senders with 5 hole flange (S5) and European 0-190 ohm resistance  

Over the years Wema S5 Tank Senders have been improved with advances in reed switch technology, allowing them to fit far more switches inside the senders, giving the better resolution required by modern digital displays they are the preferred choice among the world's leading boat builders

European & American Versions

There are two standard resistances, 0-190 ohm, used mainly in European gauges and 240-30 ohm used by American gauge manufacturers. It is important to pair senders and gauges must with the same resistance range. 


  • European (0-190 ohms)
  • 316 stainless steel
  • SAE 5 hole pattern
  • IP67
  • Simple to install and remove
  • Length 45cm
  • S5 tank sender with 5 x bolts included
  • Volatage v12/24v


Simply connect one wire to earth and the other wire to the sensor cable on the gauge. 

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