ILCA Standard Dinghy incl. XD Rig & Composite Upper



The ILCA XD Standard Sailing Dinghy  - Approved for ILCA event - Manufactured by leading sail boat maker, Ovingtons UK

The ILCA Standard Rig Boat features the same hull as the ILCA Radail and ILCA 4.7 but has the full rig Mk11 Radial sail plan. This is the Olympic Class boat for Men's


The ILCA XD features:

  • XD Harken Vang System,
  • XD Harken Cunningham /Outhaul kit
  • XD carbon tiller and extension, 
  • 6mm anti-twist dinghy mainsheet
  • Folded sail, 
  • Padded toe-strap, 
  • Harken 57mm ratchet block w/ Mega spring, 
  • 5mm SK90 Dyneema traveller, 
  • Mega bolt 
  • 3mm Dyneema dinghy control rudder downhaul. 


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