ILCA Radial Dinghy with XD Fittings & Composite Upper Mast



The ILCA XD Radial Sailing Dinghy  - Approved for ILCA event - Manufactured by leading sail boat maker, Ovingtons UK

The ILCA Radial features the same hull as the ILCA Standard and ILCA 4.7 but has the mid-level sail plan. Used for Youths and Women in Olympic and ILCA Events


The ILCA XD features:

  • XD Harken Vang System,
  • XD Harken Cunningham /Outhaul kit
  • XD carbon tiller and extension, 
  • 6mm anti-twist dinghy mainsheet
  • Folded sail, 
  • Padded toe-strap, 
  • Harken 57mm ratchet block w/ Mega spring, 
  • 5mm SK90 Dyneema traveller, 
  • Mega bolt 
  • 3mm Dyneema dinghy control rudder downhaul. 


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