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MGDuff ZD57 Hanging Anode

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Salt water


MGDuff Zinc Hanging Anode Kit for saltwater use only.

The complete system comprises of 4m galvanised cable with a bright red PVC outer. Two re-usable rubber tie wraps are included to help store the anode when not in use. The included cable mount is designed to be secured to the vessel and must take the weight of the anode. The electrical connection is made via a robust m10 terminal.

Kit includes 4 meters of cable with an M10 terminal, 1x mounting bracket and 2x re-usable rubber tie wraps.

Weight: 1.8kg
Overall Length: 4120mm
Anode Body Length: 120mm
Width: 75mm
Depth: 75mm
Stud Size: 10mm Terminal


- Hanging anodes are only to be used when the vessel is moored.
- Can be used on GRP, wooden or steel hulls
- Replacement anodes available
- Identify a suitable location on the engine or gearbox to fix the M10 terminal. For sail drives connect to the mounting bolts or sterndrives to the transom shields.
- For further information please contact one our branches on +353 28 23190


High spec MGDuff Zinc Anodes for leisure and commercial vessels.
Iron: FE 0.005 Max
Cadmium: Cd 0.025-0.07
Copper: Cu 0.005 Max
Aluminium: Al 0.10-0.50
Lead: Pb 0.006 Max
Others Total: 0.10 Max
Zinc: Remainder
Potential Ag/AgCl -1.05v 780

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