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MG Duff ZD77 Zinc Pear Anode 200mm

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Salt water


This is the most popular form of pear anode that we sell. It can used in a host of areas around the hull on saltwater boats. The hole centres are 200m. apart making it a good replacement for the MGDuff ZD72BM is needed.

- Nominal Net Weight 2.1kgs 
MGDuff Code: ZD77
Material: Zinc for Saltwater Protection
Weight (kg): 2kg
Length (min / max): 236mm / 155mm
Width (min /max): 25mm / 83mm
Depth: 41mm
Stud Size: 10mm
Number of Fixing Holes: 2
Fixing Hole Details: 200mm hole centres


1. Choose your material:
- Zinc for saltwater boats
- Aluminium for saltwater or brackish waters
- Magnesium for fresh water
2. Select Style and Model:
- Bolt-on hull anodes come with 8" or 9" hole centres (You have to buy the studs or bolts separately) weld-on requires the anode to be welded in place (usually commercial vessels)
- There are different models of anode depending on where you put it. Shaft and beneteau anodes protect the drive shaft and stern tube. Hull anodes can be placed anywhere depending on where you want to protect and pencil/engine anodes tend to be specially designed for each brand and model engine. Button or disc anodes are designed to protect rudder / trim tabs.

*For more information on placement or engine anodes please contact us on 00353 28 23190.


High spec MGDuff Zinc Anodes for leisure and commercial vessels.
Iron: FE 0.005 Max
Cadmium: Cd 0.025-0.07
Copper: Cu 0.005 Max
Aluminium: Al 0.10-0.50
Lead: Pb 0.006 Max
Others Total: 0.10 Max
Zinc: Remainder
Potential Ag/AgCl -1.05v 780


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