MG Duff Zinc Pear Anode ZD77 - 2.25kg

Salt water
  • MG Duff ZD77 Zinc Pear Anode
  • MG Duff ZD77 Zinc Pear Anode


The MD Duff Zinc Pear ZD77 is one on the most common sized, bolt-on anodes and with its universal 200mm whole centres will retro fit many other makes and sizes. It can be used in a host of areas around the hull and rudder or may be wired internally to protect equipment.

This anode is normally fitted with through-hull bolts and then earth wired from the internal studs to whatever is required to be protected – Example: the engine or stern tube. It may also be surface welded directly to the hull, rudder or any metal surface that ultimately needs cathodic protection.

Use of a backing sheet is recommended

This is a Zinc Anode and suitable for Seawater and brackish water - For freshwater, use the Magnesium version MD77

MG Duff is a leading authority on Cathodic Protection and the manufacture to highest standards and material compositions.


  • Total weight : 2.25kg
  • Nominal Net Weight 2.1kgs 
  • MG Duff Code: ZD77
  • Material: Zinc for Saltwater Protection
  • Length (min / max): 236mm / 155mm
  • Width (min /max): 25mm / 83mm
  • Depth: 41mm
  • Stud Size: 10mm
  • Number of Fixing Holes: 2
  • Fixing Hole Details: 200mm hole centre



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