Sikaflex 215 Sealant Primer 1L



Sika 215 Primer is essentail element to achieve the perfect seal and bonding conditions with Sikaflex sealants.

Suitable for use with plastics, PVC, ABS and Wood.

Use with Sikaflex 291,290DC, 292, 295UV

Sikaflex 215 Primer is a transparent, pale yellow liquid of low viscosity that dries by reaction with atmospheric moisture.


Cure Time: 30min to 24
Flash Point: -8 °C
Key Specifications: ISO 9001 / 14001
Spray: No
Tack Free Time: 30min
Viscosity: 20
Size: 1 litre
Brand: Sikaflex 215 Primer (was originally Sika 215)

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