International Boatguard 100 Freshwater Antifoul 2.5L

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This antifoul is only available in 2.5l cans. Can only be used for freshwater boats.


International Boatguard 100 Antifoul is an antifouling product effective against fouling organisms; slime, aquatic plants and animals. A Polishing Antifouling suitable for professional and consumer application onto vessels in fresh and salt water. Provides protection for up to one year. Can be applied up to 6 months before launch.

- Polishing ensures consistent performance while in motion
- Quick and easy to use, for convenient application
- Can be applied up to 6 months in advance
- International Boatguard 100 replaces old freshwater antifoul

Suitable for below the waterline: Hull
Finish/Sheen: Matt
Suitable water types: Sea Water, Fresh Water, Brackish Water
Substrates: Epoxy Composite / Carbon Fibre, GRP / FRP, Lead, Steel, Wood
Suitable for aluminium propellers: No
Model: International Boatguard 100 Antifoul 2018

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